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                 How to Enroll
How to Enroll

To enroll in your medical, contact your benefits department.

If you would like to enroll in any supplemental benefits, contact your First Financial Representative.

If you would like to view your current benefits, go to:

  • Login: your social security number or your Employee ID (#########)
  • PIN: last four digits of your social and the last two digits of the year you were born (######)
  • Useful Information to Know

  • Remember your PIN number.
  • Contact First Financial at 855-523-8422 with any technical questions.
  • No changes will be allowed until annual enrollment (unless you have an IRS S125 approved event)
  • For questions or to meet with your First Financial Representative in person, contact us today!

    Covington Branch Office
    Cliff Cheatwood, Account Manager
    (866) 541-5096