How to Enroll                  How to Enroll
How to Enroll

Enrollment Site

Open Enrollment Instructions:

For questions or to meet with your First Financial Representative in person, contact us today!

John Brick, 832-859-5865, email:
Rosalyn Punch, 713-882-1015, email:

Log In Information

New Hires have 31 days from your hire date to enroll in your medical and supplemental benefits.

Go to
Login: your social security number or your Employee ID (#########)

PIN: last four digits of your social and the last two digits of the year you were born (######)

Once you login you will see a Welcome presentation. Once finished Click “Next,” then:

  • Verify your personal information
  • Verify all dependent information (ssn/date of birth) **Very Important**
  • View employment information
  • You will then see a brief presentation on each benefit available. Notify the Business Office/Payroll Department of any discrepancies.

    Useful Information to Know

  • Remember your PIN number.
  • Contact First Financial at 855-523-8422 with any technical questions.
  • No changes will be allowed until annual enrollment (unless you have an IRS S125 approved event)
  • Houston Branch Office
    John Brick, Account Manager
    (800) 523-8422